Tissue Engineering

Biomaterials and artificial organs

We grow human organ equivalents for

  • organoid test systems and
  • organ substitutes.

For medicine and biotechnology, we develop

  • bioadaptive and biomimetic interfaces and biomaterials.


Biohybrid systems

Development of:

  • functional biosensors
  • 3D tissue microcapillary arrays
  • single-cell 3D biochips

Expert knowledge in:

  • (bio)-impedance spectroscopy and potential recording
  • microsystem and biosensor design for biohybrid technology
  • tissue engineering for cell and tissue models in biohybrid systems
  • automated drug and biocompatibility screening


Single-cell 3D biochips and tissue-based microcapillary arrays

For use in biomedicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, food technology, and environmental (bio)technology:

  • automated, synchronized, and miniaturized screening of toxins and drugs
  • cost-effective 3D biochip systems for rapid, reproducible, and functional biomonitoring
  • production technology enables compatibility with existing customer systems


  • tumor 3D microcapillary array
  • heart muscle cell/spheroid 3D biochip
  • 3D retina biosensor