Corporate Philosophy


The Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences is a scientific and technological organization of highly qualified experts from the key areas of modern life sciences:

Personalized diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine for healthy aging, chemical safety, interdependence of healthy food and disease prevention, new sources and processes for biobased chemicals

  • 1.787 people / 767 scientists
  • Budget 181 million € (2019)
  • Scientists and engineers in close cooperation
  • Focus on practical solutions and applied research

Our Mission

Applied science – dedicated to life

Our research tasks are determined by multiple challenges:

  • More knowledge to ensure sustained development and ecological balance
  • Intergenerational equity and justice
  • Guaranteed prosperity for as many people as possible
  • Individual dispositions through education and diversity of opportunities


Our researchers are devoted to such concrete topics as:

  • Healthy aging and quality of life in view of the current demographic shift
  • Efficient use of scarce raw materials
  • Protection of consumers and the environment
  • Creation of leading-edge jobs

These are keen motivators for us to directly address people’s needs by applied research.

We support industry:

  • in developing drugs and diagnostics
  • in research for better hygiene
  • on the relationship between disease prevention and healthy food


We promptly implement technologies for an efficient use of:

  • raw materials
  • water treatment
  • process and chemical safety

to protect human life in a harmonious environment

Our Commitment

What we trust in

  • Life sciences – it ignores boundaries between disciplines
  • Epoch-making innovations – they need multiplicity of views
  • Complementarity – it is the key
  • Openness – the attitude of winners

Principles of Our Innovation Management

New Leadership

  • Cooperation replaces hierarchy
  • Challenges motivate best
  • Intense networking and teambuilding


Bring Together Scientists and Engineers

  • Overall goal: make market innovations from research findings
  • Equal status for science and engineering disciplines
  • Know how integration in real world projects


Intercultural Spirit

  • People from up to 25 nations in each institute
  • Contributions from many different perspectives: „Taking the role of the other“ (George H. Mead)
  • Genuine operations in Europe, USA, and East Asian Economic Community


Gender and Diversity

  • We benefit from and greatly appreciate female skills, e.g. empathy in leadership
  • Balanced teams in terms of gender, ages, cultures, disciplines
  • Work life balance, respecting family needs