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Applied sience for man and the environment

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Dealing with Antibiotic Resistance

Cross-sectional infection model for skin infections: Histological section through a skin model grown in a test tube, which has been infected with Candida albicans – one of the commonest human fungal pathogens. Violet: Candida albicans, blue: skin model.

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Welcome to the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences

Six Fraunhofer institutes and one Fraunhofer research institution, each having proven in-depth expertise in different areas within the life sciences, are involved in this Group: the Fraunhofer institutes for Biomedical Engineering IBMT, Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB, Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME, Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM, Process Engineering and Packaging IVV, and Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, and the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology EMB.
Their combined knowledge of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, pharmacology, ecology, and nutritional science is thus pooled and synergized within this Fraunhofer Group. In all these Fraunhofer institutes, the scientists collaborate in interdisciplinary teams, so that tailored know-how concerning information technology, engineering science, and legal requirements is also available. Research and implementation at the client’s facilities therefore go hand in hand.

The comprehensive and individually tailored services offered by the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences for the application of novel technologies require an organization that covers a broad range of disciplines, methods, and equipment. Under the motto “research for human health and the environment”, the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences offers its clients a rich pool of complementary expertise. One of the most important things we have learned: the path from the very first idea to the perfect solution is always very exciting – and we will gladly go down this path with you.

The Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences offers

  • a broad range of methods,
  • expert consultation from the very beginning,
  • innovative ideas, and
  • scientists with cross-disciplinary experience.

We perform your research projects with professional expertise.



Preclinical models for various indications


Blue Biotechnology

October 12 - 14, 2016, hall D, booth B-47

BioJapan 2016

BioJapan 2016 will center around pharmaceutical goods especially medicine and equipment related to health and a good life. This year, the show will be based on four major themes namely life, green, functional foods, and nutraceuticals, as well as biotechnology clusters and ventures.

This year, the Fraunhofer-Group for Life Sciences and the Fraunhofer IME will concentrate in particular on the R&D services along the complete value chain of pharmaceutical development: from “target screening” to “phaseI/II clinical trials”. A second focus will be regenerative medicine technologies.
Furthermore, we will present the project RIBOLUTION that identifies and develops novel biomarkers based on ribonucleic acids.
Also discover more about R&D services in the areas of “Agroscience for food and feed“as well as „Bioproduction and industrial biotechnology“from our colleagues at Fraunhofer IME.

November 7 - 9, 2016, hall 7, booth 104

BioEurope 2016

BioEurope is Europe’s largest partnering conference bringing together the “who’s who“ from biotech, pharma and finance in Europe.
This year, the Fraunhofer-Group for Life Sciences and the Fraunhofer IME will concentrate in particular on the R&D services along the complete value chain of pharmaceutical development: from “target screening” to “phase I/II clinical trials”.
One of the foci this year is the presentation of the group‘s large range of preclinical models. We offer a vast spectrum of disease relevant and toxicological models – regardless of whether pharmacologic effects, toxicological side effects, or the fate of large and small molecules, cells, and tissue in the body are involved. Our services also include support and consultation in the development of preclinical and clinical concepts.

We implement in-vitro-test systems such as the human 3D model systems and also live tissue sections as often as possible. Find out more about the diversity of our services.